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The Dr. Demento Show #92-35 - August 30, 1992

Special Topic: dog days
Alley Cat (edit) - The Barking & Houndstooth Choral Society
Dog Ball - Stevens & Grdnic
Boogie - John Hartford
Hippopotamus - Flanders & Swann
They Don't Wear Pants In The Southern Part Of France - John Bartles

Little Fuzzy Animals - Frank Hayes
Taco Grande - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Godzilla Vs. Orville - Kel M. Crum
The Jolly Green Giant - The Kingsmen
The Ballad Of Gumby - Rick Schulman

Religion And Politics Ya-Ta-Ta! Ya-Ta-Ta! (Bleeped Version) - Scott Beach
President's Song - Osmium
I Want A Man With A Slow Mind - The Capitol Steps
Alvin For President - David Seville & The Chipmunks (Alvin, Simon & Theodore)

Shakespeare Rap - Open Season
Arnold Rap - Jim Fontano
Bob Dylan's 115th Dream - Bob Dylan

Gonna Buy Me A Dog - The Monkees
My Dog Ate Nolan Ryan - Scary Gary Alan
Breath Of A Dog - Slant 6 & The Jumpstarts
Doggy Doo - Steve Wahl & The Hydrants

Our Hour (The Puppy Love Song) - Spike Jones & His City Slickers
Evelyn, A Modified Dog - Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention
Hot Dog Boogie - Don Charles presents The Singing Dogs directed by Carl Weismann
White Fang - Soupy Sales
The Big Sniff (Featuring Ralph & Herbie) - Cheech & Chong

Man's Best Friend - Ernie Kovacs
(Rover) The Shaggy Dog Song - Tony Hendra & Nic Ullett
No News, Or, What Killed The Dog - Nat M. Wills
Freeze Dried Fido - Joe Keefe
#5 My Dead Dog Rover - Hank, Stu, Dave & Hank
#4 Fat - "Weird Al" Yankovic

Shaving Cream (sung by caller) - Davey from Concord, CA
#3 Shaving Cream (w/ live vocal) - Dr. Demento
#2 Fish Heads - Barnes & Barnes
#1 Happy Happy Joy Joy - Ren & Stimpy TV Soundtrack

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NOTE: This was Dr. D's last show for The Westwood One Radio Network.
[Thanks to Tom McCown for providing this playlist]