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The Dr. Demento Show #89-10 - March 5, 1989

Special Topic: spring break

Gilligan's Island (Stairway) - Little Roger & The Goosebumps
The Martian Boogie - Brownsville Station
Japanese Banana - David Seville & The Chipmunks

The Worst Star Trek Joke - Ben & Samurai
Let's Make The Water Turn Black - The Mothers Of Invention
Charlie Brown - The Coasters
Pee Wee From Hell - Jeff Nelson & Dan Daniels
The Dust Blows Forward - Captain Beefheart
You Should See The Video To This Song - Radio Free Vestibule

The Battle Of Kookamonga - Homer & Jethro
Touch Yourself - Barnes & Barnes
Sleep Neat - Neal Gladstone
I Dream Of Brownie With the Light Blue Jeans - Spike Jones

Bimbolandia - Nancy White
Last Temptation Of Schwarzenegger - John Mammoser
Don' Cha Run My Life - Dreams Die Hard
The Yellow Rose Of Texas - Stan Freberg

(How I Spent My Summer Vacation) Or A Day At The Beach With Pedro And Man - Cheech & Chong
Rock Lobster - The B-52's
Miami - Martin Mull

Pass The Kouchie - The Mighty Diamonds
Let's Talk Dirty In Hawaiian - John Prine
Loving You Is Surfing You - Rap Reiplinger
The Hawaiian Lei Song - Ruth Wallis

I'm The Urban Spaceman - The Bonzo Dog Band
#5 Adam West - Wally Wingert & The Caped Club
#4 Hangover - Krypton

#3 They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! - Napoleon XIV
#2 The Ballad Of Irving - Frank Gallop
AUDIO TORTURE CHAMBER: Mr. Wrecker-Driver - D.E. Scott

#1 Existential Blues - Tom "T-Bone" Stankus

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