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The Dr. Demento Show (live on KMET) - September 28, 1986 (9p-11p)

Special Topic: insanity
Miss Ann McCarty - Oscar Brand
It's A Real World (After All) - Duck Logic
Human Race - The Frantics
Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport - Rolf Harris
Goo Goo Muck - The Cramps

My Girl's Pussy - R. Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenaders
Spit It On The Floor - Raunch Hands
Comet Relief - Gilda Radner
The Shmenges Brothers: Cabbage Rolls And Coffee Polka - John Candy/Eugene Levy

Dinner Rap - Whimsical Will
You Were Speeding (excerpt) - The Frantics
Space Invaders - Uncle Vic
You Were Speeding - The Frantics
Thank You Republic Airlines - Tom Paxton
Prof. Ludwig Von Know-It-All - Sid Caesar & Carl Reiner
Goin' Crazy - Three Haircuts
I'm A Nut - Leroy Pullins
Jug Band Music (brief in-studio performance) - Dr. Demento
Insane Crazy Blues - Charlie Burse/Memphis Jug Band

Twisted - Lambert, Hendricks & Ross
I Live In A Split Level Head - Napoleon XIV
The Ravings Of John McCullagh - anonymous
Paranoimia - The Art Of Noise w/ Max Headroom [first few words missing]
Dr. Freud - The Raunch Hands

Ain't We Crazy - Haywire Mac
Shrinker Man - Katie Lee
Teenage Lobotomy - The Ramones
I'd Rather Have A Bottle In Front Of Me (Than A Frontal Lobotomy) - Randy Hanzlick, M.D. (Dr. Rock)
I Love Chocolate - Chris Wallace
Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour On The Bedpost Over Night - Lonnie Donegan & His Skiffle Group

#5 Dead Puppies - Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band
#4 Homecoming Queen's Got A Gun - Julie Brown
#3 Elevator To Menswear (w/ intro) - Looney Tunes
#2 Wet Dream - Kip Addotta

#1 Burger Rap - Bird & MacDonald
next week: my special guest Emo Philips