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The Dr. Demento Show #80-8 - February 24, 1980

Special Topic: military preparedness

Ahab The Arab (live) - Ray Stevens
Interesting Facts - Peter Cook & John Cleese
Poly Vinyl - Mumbles
Genie, The Magic Record (excerpt) - Peter Lind Hayes
The Man On The Flying Trapeze - Spike Jones & His City Slickers

Curse Of The Hearse - Terry Teene
You Went The Wrong Way, Old King Louie - Allan Sherman
Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturday Night - Al Jolson

Swimmin' With The Wimmin' - George Formby
Matzoh Man! - The Yiddish People
Horror Asparagus Stories - The Driving Stupid
Kinko The Clown - Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band

Hockey Sock Rock - Phil Esposito & The Ranger Rockers
Braces - Darryl Rhoades & His Hahavishnu Orchestra
Okie From Muskogee - The Bakersfield Boogie Boys

Beep Beep (single version) - The Playmates
Disco Toilet - Hersh & Chipkin
Ode To The Little Brown Shack Out Back - Billy Edd Wheeler

Good Morning, Mr. Zip Zip Zip - Arthur Fields
Arms For The Love Of America (excerpt) - Barry Wood
Send The Marines - Tom Lehrer
Draft Dodger Rag - Phil Ochs
Call Up The Groups - The Barron Knights
Stars And Stripes Forever - John Twomey

Cup Cakes - Terri "Cup Cake" O'Mason
#5 Bounce Your Boobies - Rusty Warren
#4 Titties (Beepies) And Beer - Frank Zappa
EXTRA: Don't Bogart Me - Fraternity Of Man

#3 Mr. Jaws - Dickie Goodman
#2 My Dead Dog Rover - Stu, Dave & Hank
EXTRA: Man's Best Friend - Walt Kelly

#1 Fish Heads - Barnes & Barnes