No complete tape of this show has been found in the Demento Archives. If you have a copy, please let me know!

playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show

The Dr. Demento Show (live on KMET) - September 28, 1975

Happy New Year - Spike Jones & His City Slickers

D-O-D-G-E-R-S Song - Danny Kaye
Hallelujah, I'm A Bum - Haywire Mac

Lulu's Back In Town - Leon Redbone
When Lulu's Gone - Bang Boys
Cruisin' In Van Nuys - Johnny "Zoom" Rossi

We're The Sunday Drivers - Billy Murray's Trio
Uncle Josh Buys An Automobile - Cal Stewart
Hot Rod Race - Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan

Roll Your Own - Commander Cody
If You're A Viper - Jim Kweskin Jug Band
Charlie Brown - The Coasters

Gloomy Sunday - Paul Robeson
Suicide Is Painless - M-A-S-H Soundtrack
Dr. Demento Theme - Bob Felten

Wet Dream - Max Romeo
Dream - Sam Pfnerm
March Of The Brain Cells - Roto Rooter Band

Dirty Old Man - Jim Backus
Friendly Neighborhood Narco Agent - Jef Jaisun
How Fights Start In Saloons - Cyril Smith/Rudy Vallee
Born To Be Wild - Ned Wreck
All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth - Spike Jones/George Rock
Braces - Darryl Rhoades

Whatever Happened To Ol' Jack - Phil Gordon/Bobby Troup
I Hold Your Hand In Mine - Tom Lehrer
Spam - Monty Python

Lydia, The Tattooed Lady - Groucho Marx
Plaster Song - Nervous Norvus
My Walking Stick - Leon Redbone

His Rocking Horse Ran Away - Betty Hutton
Jesus Was A Teenager Too - Sweetgrass
Comin' In On A Wing And A Prayer - Song Spinners
The Vatican Rag - Tom Lehrer

Hot Dog Boogie - The Singing Dogs
The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins - Leonard Nimoy

How's Your Sister - Steve Allen
The Girl In 5-1-0 - Carlton The Doorman

What It Was, Was Football - Deacon Andy Griffith

I Had But Fifty Cents - R. Crumb
One Meat Ball - Jimmy Savo

The Disc Jockey Meeting - The Trustin Howard Players
Ain't We Crazy - Haywire Mac

I Didn't Know The Gun Was Loaded - Hank Fort
You Can't Fool An Old Hoss Fly - Happiness Boys
Chloe - Spike Jones & His City Slickers
Mention My Name in Sheboygan - Beatrice Kay

Ratman And Bobbin In The Clipper Caper - The Brothers Four
Boy Wonder I Love You - Burt Ward

I Love Me - Eddie Cantor
Lovin' Me - Vinnie Zipperton
? - Firesign Theatre
What A Gas - J.S.D. Band
Bottoms Up - Rusty Warren

Barstool Cowboy From Old Barstow - Spike Jones
Barstow - Harry Partch
#10 The Ballad Of Irving - Frank Gallop
#9 The Cockroach That Ate Cininnati - Possum
#8 Mr. Jaws - Dickie Goodman
#7 Dragnet Goes To Kindergarten - Ricky Vera
#6 You Went The Wrong Way Old King Louie - Allan Sherman
#5 I Owe A Lot To Iowa Pot - Jerry Samuels
#4 Deteriorata - National Lampoon
#3 Shaving Cream - Benny Bell
#2 Who's On First - Abbott & Costello
#1 Waffle Whiffer - Brad Stanfield