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The Dr. Demento Show #02-06 - February 10, 2002

Special Topic: silly love songs

Elmer Fudd Sings Bruce Springsteen ("Fire") - Robin Williams
Dirty Love - The Mothers
Boogie - John Hartford
Tapeworm Of Love - I, Brute Force
Marvin I Love You - Marvin The Paranoid Android

He Bit Him On The Ear - Doodoo Wah
Still No Sign Of Land (a/k/a Cannibalism) - Monty Python
Demented News With Whimsical Will

The Raspberry Song - The Goons
Rubber Biscuit - Blues Brothers
Rubber Duckie - Ernie (Jim Henson)
Circular Impression - The Extras
Uh! Oh! Part 2 - The Nutty Squirrels
Whistle Stop/Hampster Dance Song/Whistle Stop (edit) - Roger Miller/Hampton The Hampster/Roger Miller
Behind The Barn (brief excerpt/background) - Zoolophone

Loving You Has Made Me Bananas - Guy Marks
John And Marsha - Stan Freberg
Sweet Little Blossom Of Mine - Henry Phillips

One Of These Days - Pow! - Jackie Gleason
The Masochism Tango (orchestral version) - Tom Lehrer
Never Swat A Fly - Jim Kweskin & The Jug Band
Strip Naked You Sweet Maggot - The Rudy Schwartz Project

Dizzy - Part II (excerpt with song "Do You Believe Me? I Do") - Burns & Allen
I Love Lucy Theme (Vocal) - Desi Arnaz
Love Song - Albert Brooks

#5 N.R.L. (Nursery Rhyme Lawyer Song) - Throwing Toasters
#4 S. S. Minnow - Mike Toomey

#3 Wet Dream - Kip Addotta
#2 The Chainsaw Juggler (minor edit) - The Four Postmen

#1 Osama - Yo' Mama - Ray Stevens
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