Monty Python Discography

This is a list of the core Monty Python albums, along with key compilations and releases with exclusive material. It is not an exhaustive list of every record or CD to ever contain a Python track.

Titles of Python tracks have varied across different releases. Wherever possible, the titles from the first release have been used, but in some cases no titles were given on the first release, so alternate sources were used.

(The Worst of) Monty Python's Flying Circus: (1970)

Another Monty Python Record: (1971)

Monty Python's Previous Record: (1972)

Teach Yourself Heath: (1972)

[flexi-disc included in Zigzag magazine, December, 1972]

The Monty Python Matching Tie and Handkerchief: (1973)

[the second side of the record (though both are listed as Side 2) has two grooves cut in it, such that which set of tracks you get depends on where your needle is set down]

Monty Python Live at Drury Lane: (1974)

(not originally released in the United States)

The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail: (1975)

Monty Python Live at City Center: (1976)

(originally released only in the United States)

Python on Song: (1976)

[U.K. double 45]

The Monty Python Instant Record Collection: (1977)

(U.K. version)

Monty Python's Life of Brian: (1979)

Monty Python's Contractual Obligation Album: (1980)

[note that some pressings have replaced "Farewell To John Denver" with a 30-second message about it being omitted on legal advice]

Monty Python's Instant Record Collection: (1981)

(U.S. version)

Monty Python's The Meaning of Life: (1983)

The Final Rip-Off: (1988)

Monty Python Sings: (1989)

(not released in U.S. until 1991)

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life...: (1991)

[U.K. CD single]

I Like Chinese: (1991)

[U.K. CD single]

Dead Parrot Society: (1993)

[not strictly a Python album, but a nice compilation]

The Instant Monty Python CD Collection: (1994)

[6 CD boxed set with booklet]

[Note: This boxed set contains the complete tracks of all 8 albums listed. The set itself doesn't give an exact listing of all items. What I have listed here is what is listed on the set. The tracks are only broken up by album side. The track listings on some of the albums above were created by people other than Python to describe what was on the album. Every time Python releases the tracks, they seem to give them different names. All tracks on the set are exactly as they were on the original LP's, with the exception of two tracks on _Contractual Obligation_: "Farewell to John Denver" (omitted "on legal advice") and "I'm So Worried" (vocal on song's first "comeback" has been fixed; same as on _Final Rip-Off_).]

"The Monty Python CD sampler thingie - Lust for Glory"

Joseph C. Krause says: I just got a hold of a sampler of things from the MP boxed set. Some of this stuff has been edited to make it shorter or to make it legally playable on the radio. Other than that, all of it has been released.

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