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(all currently out of print except Collectors' Choice CD)

An Evening With Wild Man Fischer

Bizarre (Reprise), 2RS6332, c1968
Produced by Frank Zappa
Words and music on all songs by Larry Fischer

Side One: The Basic Fischer

  1. Merry-Go-Round (This is Wild Man's theme song, sort of)
  2. New Kind Of Songs For Sale (live on the Strip)
  3. "I'm Not Shy Anymore!" (Larry relives the past in the studio)
  4. "Are You From Clovis?"
  5. The Madness & Ecstasy (Kim Fowley & Rodney Bingenheimer provide an introduction to, and make prophesies about the future of Wild Man Fischer)

Side Two: Larry's Songs, Unaccompanied

  1. Which Way Did The Freaks Go?
  2. I'm Working For The Federal Bureau Of Narcotics
  3. The Leaves Are Falling
  4. 85 Times
  5. Cops & Robbers
  6. Monkeys Versus Donkeys
  7. Start Life Over Again
  8. The Mope
  9. Life Brand New
  10. Who Did It Johnny?
  11. Think Of Me When Your Clothes Are Off
  12. Taggy Lee
  13. Rhonda
  14. I Looked Around You
  15. Jennifer Jones

Side Three: Some Historical Notes

  1. The Taster (fancy version)
  2. The Story Of The Taster
  3. The Rocket Rock
  4. The Rocket Rock Explanation & Dialog
  5. Dream Girl
  6. Dream Girl Explanation
  7. Serrano (Sorrento?) Beach
  8. Success Will Not Make Me Happy
  9. Wild Man On The Strip Again

Side Four: In Conclusion

  1. Why I Am Normal
  2. The Wild Man Fischer Story
  3. Balling Isn't Everything
  4. Ugly Beautiful Girl
  5. Larry & His Guitar
  6. Circle (Larry's first psychedelic hit)
  7. Larry Under Pressure


Rhino Records, RNLP 001, January 2, 1978
Collectors' Choice Music CD, September 28, 2004 (through CCM) & February 15, 2005 (through retail)
Produced by Harold Bronson

Side One

  1. My Name Is Larry (Fischer)
  2. Jimmy Durante (Fischer)
  3. I Light The Pilot (Fischer)
  4. Josephine (Fischer)
  5. Do The Wildman (fancy version) (Kowalski-Schwartz)
  6. I'm A Truck (Kowalski-Schwartz)
  7. Sir Larry (Fischer)
  8. Who's Your Favorite Singer?
  9. Go To Rhino Records (live version) (Fischer)
  10. Handy Man (Blackwell-Jones)

Side Two

  1. Disco In Frisco (Kowalksi-Schwartz)
  2. Do The Wildman (and other in dances) (Kowalksi-Schwartz)
  3. I'm Selling Peanuts For The Dodgers (Kowalski-Schwartz)
  4. I'm The Meany (Fischer)
  5. Wild Man Fischer Impersonation Contest (Kowalski-Schwartz)
  6. Guitar Licks (Fischer)
  7. What Do You Think Of Larry?
  8. Young At Heart (Leigh-Richards)
  9. My Name Is Larry (Reprise) (Fischer)

Pronounced Normal

Rhino Records, RNLP 021, March 25, 1981
Produced by Barnes & Barnes

Side One (Coming)

  1. Pronounced Normal (Barnes & Barnes)
  2. Don't Be A Singer (Fischer-Barnes & Barnes)
  3. It's Nice To Have Things (Fischer-Barnes & Barnes-Demento)
  4. I Swear To God My Love Was True (Fischer)
  5. Talking (Barnes & Barnes)
  6. Watch Out For The Sharks (Sanmartino-Sanmartino)
  7. When You're Younger (Fischer)
  8. Yesterday (Lennon-McCartney)
  9. Fish Heads (Barnes & Barnes)
  10. Mistakes (Fischer)
  11. Frank (Fischer-Barnes & Barnes)

Side Two (Going)

  1. It's A Money World (Fischer-Barnes & Barnes)
  2. The Mope (Part 2) (Fischer)
  3. The Righteous (Fischer)
  4. Oh Linda, No Laurie (Fischer)
  5. The Bouillabaise (Fischer-Barnes & Barnes)
  6. One Minute (Fischer)
  7. In My Room (Wilson-Usher)
  8. I'm A Christmas Tree (Fischer)
  9. Let Us Live As One (Fischer)
  10. Pronounced Normal (Reprise) (Barnes & Barnes)
  11. My Sweet Little Cathy (Fischer-Barnes & Barnes)

Nothing Scary

Rhino Records, RNLP 022, February 10, 1984
Produced, recorded, scored and mixed by Barnes & Barnes.
"This record was recorded from July 1980 thru December 1983."

Side One

  1. Intro (Fischer-Barnes & Barnes)
  2. Derailroaded (Fischer)
  3. Larry And The New Wave (Fischer-Barnes & Barnes)
  4. Sparkling Diamonds (Fischer)
  5. Music Business Shark (Fischer-Barnes & Barnes)
  6. Don't Ever Get Mad At Me (Robert Williams)
  7. My Friend Robert (Fischer)
  8. The Omar Walk (Fischer)
  9. I Looked Around You (Fischer)
  10. Oh God, Please Send Me A Kid (Fischer)
  11. Back In Time (Fischer-Barnes & Barnes)
  12. Track Star (Fischer)
  13. I Got A Camera (Barnes & Barnes)
  14. Scotty's Got A Cake (Robert Williams)
  15. Walking Thru The Underground (Fischer)
  16. Merry Go Round (Fischer)
  17. You're A Liar And A Thief (Fischer-Barnes & Barnes)
  18. All I Think About Is You (Gerry Beckley)

Side Two

  1. Outside The Hospital (Fischer)
  2. Big Boots (Fischer)
  3. Ping Pong Ball Head (Fischer-Barnes & Barnes)
  4. Real Cool Cowboy (Fischer)
  5. One Of A Kind Mind (Fischer-Barnes & Barnes)
  6. The Record Player Song (Fischer)
  7. When You Record Singers (Fischer-Barnes & Barnes)
  8. Larry's Record Company (listed as "Wild Man Fischer Records" on record sleeve) (Fischer)
  9. Gimme A Ride Down The Hill (Barnes & Barnes)
  10. Bad Leg (Fischer)
  11. I Worry About My Friends (Fischer-Barnes & Barnes)
  12. The Rain Song (Dewey Bunnell)
  13. The Pep (Fischer)
  14. Love Love Love In Everything You Do (Fischer)
  15. Larry In Las Vegas (Fischer)
  16. Outro (Fischer-Barnes & Barnes)

Wild Man Fischer Meets Smegma or Wild Man Fischer And Smegma Sing Popular Songs

Birdman, BMR 020, c1997
recorded 1975

Side One

  1. Stigmatize your Mind (Fischer)
  2. Midnight Train/Rock-n-Roll Star/Say It (Fischer)
  3. Jimmy Durante (Fischer)
  4. Dandylion Flower (Fischer)
  5. Please like Us (Fischer)

Side Two
(songs by Smegma without Wild Man Fischer)

The Fischer King

Rhino Handmade, RHM2 7701, c1999
limited edition of 1000 copies, including all of Larry's Rhino output and many previously unreleased tracks

Disc One

Disc Two


Songs included on compilations or other records

See also the Rough Guide To Rock's page on Wild Man Fischer for some biographical info.: http://www.roughguides.com/RG_WWW/rock/final_rock_entries/LARRY_'WILD_MAN'_FISCHER.html

Rhino Records home page: http://rhino.com/

The authorized Barnes & Barnes web site: http://www.voobaha.com/

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