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The Dr. Demento Show #93-47 - November 21, 1993

Special Topic: musical turkeys

Proud Mary (excerpt) - Leonard Nimoy
I Want a Blow Up Doll for Christmas - Arnie Aardvark
A Goose for My Girl (at Thanksgiving) - Benny Bell
Light My Fire (excerpt) - Mae West
The Deodorant Song - Ray Stevens

Don Knotts Is Mick Jagger's Dad - Slant 6 & The Jumpstarts
Marty Feldman Eyes - Bruce "Baby Man" Baum
Jesus Loves Me (But He Can't Stand You!) - Austin Lounge Lizards
Christmas Is Coming Twice This Year - The Hollytones
Oh, This P.C. (O Fax Machine) - The Capitol Steps

Demented News with Whimsical Will
Weenie Whacker - The Therapy Sisters
Mack the Knife (excerpt) - Major Bill Smith
Can I Pawn My Teeth to You - Roy Esser
Thrill of the Drill - Mr. Dees

Have a Gluey Christmas (excerpt) - "Little" Georgie Holiday
An Axl Christmas - The Sponge Awareness Foundation
Hillbilly Hades - Texas Bill Strength
Metal Machine Music (excerpt) - Lou Reed
Young, Dumb and Ugly - "Weird Al" Yankovic

Rudy Rudy - Harry Jeremy
House of the Rising Sun (excerpt) - Jandek
Cocktails for Two - Spike Jones & His City Slickers
In München steht ein Hofbrau Haus - The Guckenheimer Sour Kraut Band
Booger on My Beer Mug - Sneaky Pete
Bohemian Polka - "Weird Al" Yankovic

Condoms for Christmas - Milo Bobbins & The Budget Boys
Take an Indian to Lunch This Week (Pilgrims' Progress)/Under the Double Turkey (The Thanksgiving Story) - Stan Freberg
Eskimo - Corky & The Juice Pigs
Don't Ask, Don't Tell - The Capitol Steps
I'm a Ploice Officer (excerpt) - Omo the Hobo
Traffic Lights - Monty Python

#5 The Scotsman - Bryan Bowers
#4 P.C. (Politically Correct) - John Kunich
EXTRA: The 12 Days of Clinton - The Capitol Steps

#3 No, I Don't Wanna Do Dat - The Happy Schnapps Combo
#2 Bedrock Anthem - "Weird Al" Yankovic
EXTRA: I'm Surfin' - George W. Husak

#1 It's Time for Killin' Barney - The Capitol Steps
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