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The Dr. Demento Show #79-27 - July 8, 1979

Special Topic: Devo will get to play some of their favorite records

The Fruit Song - Martin Mull
The Bears - The Fastest Group Alive

Pollution - Tom Lehrer
Eccch - The MAD Show
Breakfast Conversation #1 - Yin & Yan

Pink Pussycat - Devo
Devo Interview

Old King Tut - Billy Jones & Ernest Hare
Neanderthal Love - Barnes & Barnes
Big Jog - Change Of Pace

Surfin' Bird (Demented Mix) - The Trashmen
Serenade To A Maid (A Bronx Serenade) - Teddy Powell & His Orchestra
Blowing Bubble Gum - Spike Jones & His City Slickers
Cinderella - Jack Ross

#5 Dust Up His Nose - Larry Rand
I Wish You'd Play Over The Song About Rover (brief parody sung by caller) - Joel Jones (?) from Fairoaks, CA
#4 My Dead Dog Rover - Stu, Dave & Hank
EXTRA: The Funky Gibbon - The Goodies

#3 Earache My Eye Featuring Alice Bowie - Cheech & Chong
#2 Dead Puppies - Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band

#1 Sweet Transvestite - Tim Curry