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The Dr. Demento Show #20-07 - February 15, 2020

Special Topic: Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 1 (every track complete)
Short People - Randy Newman
The Little Blue Man - Betty Johnson
The Year In Dementia - 1976: Mach 20 - Laurie Anderson
The System Is Down - Strong Bad
Mr. Grillon - The George Garabedian Players w/ Walker Edmiston
No Corona - Docked In Stockton
Demented News With Whimsical Will
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The Ballad Of George Fink - Orson Bean
The Dynamite Room - Orson Bean
Yucca Flat - Orson Bean
I Ate The Baloney - Orson Bean
El Capitan - Orson Bean

It's Alive - Bobby (Boris) Pickett
Oral Hygiene - Mr. Elk & Mr. Seal
The Smallest Thing Known To Man - Lorne Elliott
The Baby Zone - Glenn Super
Moose In My House - Scott Laningham

In 1492 Columbus Sailed The Ocean Blues - Tim Cavanagh
Booger On My Beer Mug - Sneaky Pete
Hangover - Krypton
She Grabbed My Coconuts - Barry & The Bookbinders
Take Me Out to the Ball Game - Palm Springs Yacht Club
My Dog Ate Nolan Ryan - Scary Gary Alan
Ballad Of Woody & Mia - Loose Bruce Kerr
I Love You - Jim Fontano
Baby I'm Dead - Mike Toomey
Mutant Cows - The Dyzmals

Late Bloomer - Lauren Mayer
They Don't Wear Pants In The Southern Part Of France - John Bartles
Sushi Baby - Bianca Bob & Flystrip
Road Kill - Milo Tremley
Mrs. Fletcher (Help Me, I've Fallen) - Slant 6 & The Jumpstarts
Rudy Rudy - Harry Jeremy
Freeze Dried Fido - Joe Keefe
White Spots - Jesse Goldberg
The Yum Yum Tree - Tom Dark

A Terrorist Christmas - James & Kling
I Want A Part Time Girl For Christmas - Howie Nave
next week: tropical tunes from or about Hawaii and other comfortable places