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playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show

The Dr. Demento Show #14-37 - September 13, 2014

Special Topic: fast food

Spam - Monty Python
The Museum Of Spam (early fade) - Patton Oswalt
Cat Got My Tongue - Rob Lincoln
Tongue Tied - Christopher James
Root Canal Of The Heart - Camille West
Gowanus Canal - Paul & Storm
Trapped In Iowa - Tony Goldmark
I Owe A Lot To Iowa Pot (live) - Jerry Samuels
Dominic (takes 1,3,2) - Elvis Presley
Country Music Is Here To Stay - Simon Crum
I'm Going Back To Beethoven - Eclectricity
Demented News With Whimsical Will

A Present For Mr. Phyllis - Joan Rivers
Before And After Marriage/Rock Stars - Joan Rivers
Can We Talk? - Bob & Zip

Fast Food - Stevens & Grdnic
American Fast Food - Randy Stonehill
Kentaco Hut - Samuel Stokes
Fast Food Song - Fast Food Rockers

Cheese Boogie Deluxe (edit) - Oosik Music Co.
Burger Rap - Bird & MacDonald
Don't Put Onions On Your Hamburger - The Dellwoods
Hamburger Mine - Floyd Buckley
1200 Hamburgers To Go - Imus In The Morning
Too Late To Get Fries - Wally Wingert
Kids Love McDonald's - Travis & Jonathan
Rock n' Roll McDonald's - Wesley Willis
The Big Mac Tree - John Forster
Hamburger Patty - The Inconceivables

Pizza Polka - Mae Williams
Tacos For Two - Lalo Guerrero
Taco Grande - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Satan Gave Me A Taco - Beck
(Every Night I Bring Her) Frankfurter Sandwiches - Al Lentz & His Orchestra
I Want A Hot Dog For My Roll - Butterbeans & Susie
The Fast Food Song - David Trout
next week: another installment of alternate versions of demented hits

Bonus Tracks (Adults Only!):
If You Want A Burger - Yung Puppy f/ Keisha Red
Blow Me (You Hardly Even Know Me) - Red Peters f/ Todd Rundgren