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The Dr. Demento Show #13-44 - November 2, 2013

Special Topic: count down the Top Ten for October; a couple of hunting songs for the season

The Dickhead Song (edit) - Miles Betterman
Nice - Ronald Vomit
You Went The Wrong Way, Old King Louie - Allan Sherman
The Socks Song - Shay Butler (f/ Emily Valentine & Duke Westlake)
Demented News With Whimsical Will
Siri - Mark Maynor

Let Me Make You Smile In Bed (Hit Record mix) - The Four Postmen
Amazing Smile - Adam Donmoyer
The Ostrich - The Primitives
The Funky Gibbon - The Goodies
Psycho Chicken (live) - The Fools

Don't Worry, You're Fifty - Joe J. Thomas
We Are Dead - Dale Gonyea
Gina Pepe - Brian Kenney Fresno
Seismograph - The Amoeba People
The Volcano Song - Logan Whitehurst & The Junior Science Club
I'm Not Psycho - Adam Donmoyer
I Get Arrested - The TravelTens
I'm Sorry - Insane Ian

Daffy Duck's Rhapsody - Mel Blanc
Hope I Get A Buck - Shad-Rapp
Morris The Moose - Lorne Elliott

#10 The Fox - Ylvis
#9 Furries! - Pony Death Ride
#8 Booty Man - Tim Wilson
#7 Piratz Tavern - Devo Spice
#6 All About The Wookiee - Consortium Of Genius
#5 Run This Game - Insane Ian f/ The Stacey & Devo Spice
#4 Autocomplete - Devo Spice f/ Worm Quartet
#3 When You Wish Upon A Death Star - the great Luke Ski
#2 Obamacare - Joe J. Thomas

#1 After Ever After - Jon Cozart
next week: comedians sing (songs by people who are better known as stand-up comedians)