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The Dr. Demento Show #12-03 - January 21, 2012

Special Topic: random choice rules

Zilch - The Monkees
You Spit When You Talk - Jimmy Fallon
You Never Even Called Me By My Name - David Allan Coe
Yoda (demo) - "Weird Al" Yankovic
The World Is Full Of Bastards - Mary Prankster
Will The Turtle Be Unbroken? - The Mrs Ackroyd Band
Where's The Beef - Ruth Buzzi
What Would William Shatner Do? - Warp 11
Uneasy Rider - Charlie Daniels
The Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny - Lemon Demon
? (background only) - Trapezoid
Demented News With Whimsical Will

To Sit On A Sandwich - I, Bruce Force
There's A New Sound - Tony Burrello
There's A Baby On The Plane - Mark Silverman
Take My Wife...Please - Henny Youngman
Super Hero Blues - Seduction of the Innocent
Streakin' U.S.A. - Harry Hepcat & The Boogie Woogie Band
She's Got A Tongue Like A Kodiak Bear - Bill Frenzer
Shark Bait - Larry & Dixie Davis
S.S. Minnow - Mike Toomey

Rye Whiskey - Tex Ritter
Riot In Boogie (live in studio from show #93, 1976, w/ outro) - Harry "The Hipster" Gibson
Puberty's Gonna Get Me - Seth Green (from Family Guy Live In Las Vegas)
Pray The Gay Away - Sister Bertha Bangers
Pinball Wizard - The Portsmouth Sinfonia

Pet Shop - Monty Python
The Old Sow Song - Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees f/ Cyril Smith
Nights In White Castle - The Dan Orr Project
My Baby Loves A Bunch Of Authors (live) - Moxy Früvous
Me And My Vibrator - Suzie Seacell
Larry, Move Your Hand - Penguin Feet & The Teardrop Kid
Junk Food Junkie (live in studio from show #91, 1976) - Larry Groce w/ Berke McKelvey
It's Good To Be The King (Rap) (single version) - Mel Brooks
In My Country - The Lemon Sisters (from The Groundlings)
I'm No Communist - Grandpa Jones
I Wish I Were - Da Vinci's Notebook

I Had Sex With E.T. - Barnes & Barnes
Hokum Smokum - Record Boys
Hardware Store - "Weird Al" Yankovic
George - Dolores Hawkins
Garbage Dump - Charles Manson
Elvis Has Just Left The Building - Frank Zappa
Down South - Woody Allen
The Doctor - Jim Burrill
The Devil Went To Jamaica - Travis Meyer
The Curly Shuffle - Jump 'N The Saddle
Crop Circles In My Marijuana - Joe Dolce
Chucky Cheese H*ll - Tim Wilson
Beer, Beer Bottla Beer - A. C. Ducey
Bad Influence - Throwing Toasters

Abdul Abulbul Amir - Frank Crumit
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