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The Dr. Demento Show #11-33 - August 13, 2011

Special Topic: dogs

WalkingSilly - the great Luke Ski f/ Dan of Flat 29
When Will You Die - They Might Be Giants
The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati - Rose & the Arrangement
Goosebumps - Lemon Demon
Stupid Cowboy Thing - Cirque du SoWhat
The Poopsmith Song - Over The Rhine
I Took My Organ To The Party - Larry Vincent & Jenadoos
Demented News with Whimsical Will
Edison's Talking Doll Nov. 1888

I'm A Little Busybody - Jerry Lewis
Genius In France - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Holiday For Strings (background only) - Spike Jones & His City Slickers
Cocktails For Two - Spike Jones & His City Slickers
The Chicken In Black - Johnny Cash
Chickies In The House (excerpt) - Tricky Pixie

My Dog Jesus - Kurt Fortmeyer
Black Lassie - Cheech & Chong
Dog Pound Hop - from Ren & Stimpy
Gonna Buy Me A Dog - The Monkees
Don't Pet The Dog - Pinkard & Bowden
Dog Trainer - Bob & Ray
Planet Dog - Boothby Graffoe

Just To Feed My Dog - Abbey Henderson
My Dog Ate Nolan Ryan - Scary Gary Alan
Dog With Plastic Stomach - The Yuh-uh-uh-uhs
Sign My Snarling Doggie - The Bobs
Dogfight Giggle - Todd Rundgren
Pit Bull Song - Barbie & the Big Cheese
I Wanna Be Your Dog - Seven Stooges
Here Come The Fleas - White Noise
Shall We Walk Or Take A Dog - Freddy the Flea
My Dog Has Fleas - Lorne Elliott
Mama Will Bark - Frank Sinatra & Dagmar
Ill Barkio - Spike Jones & his City Slickers

Dachshunds With Erections Can't Climb Stairs - Mrs Ackroyd Band
Punk Puppies - Ronald Vomit
Stray Dog Man - Bill Sutton
Ol' Shorty - Tex Ritter
Ol' Rattler - Grandpa Jones
Old Shep - Red Foley
Old Dogs - Old Dogs

Rascal - Don White
next week: our annual cat show

bonus tracks:
Sex Cow - Barbarellatones (from "Glitter Beach")
Food Network After Dark - Cirque du SoWhat
Feed The Children (To The Whales) - Positude